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PicSender Future Versions

Postby Picengraver » Thu Dec 17, 2020 7:04 am

12/16/2020 - The last version of PicSender (v3.6.3), which supports grbl versions older than 1.1x, is now posted for downloading:

Other than bug fixes, no other changes or added features will be made to this version.
A new version of PicSender (v4.x.x) will soon be posted for all users of grbl versions 1.1+, and it will also support the Demon's custom version 1.1f, customized and compiled by the late Larry Mayberry, a great friend and mentor to many of us.

Both versions will be available to users for simultaneous installation on the same computer, for those users who operate multiple machines that use the latest grbl version 1.1x, and the older grbl versions, such as 1.0c, and some various versions of 0.9j.

Additional information about PicSender 4 will be posted here as it becomes available.

This change is necessary as it has become exceedingly more difficult to support all of the popular grbl versions and associated hardware now in use with a single PicSender version.

And in closing, I want to point out that we all owe Sonny Jeon (also known as 'chamnit' on GitHub), who is the author/developer of grbl, a huge debt of gratitude for a job well done for all of us.

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