Z Probe problems

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Z Probe problems

Postby RedsWood » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:33 pm

Hello i have only been cncing for about 5-6 months now. I have an x carve 1000mm with the z probe. Up till about 3 weeks ago i used v carve pro to design and then easel to send the code. But easel started giving me problem and i honestly never really liked it. Since then i have been using Picsender. and up till tonight it has been great i love it. tonight after my roughing pass i switched the bits and went to use my z probe to zero to the material surface, but the z would not stop once the bit touched the z probe. I had to hit the big red button to make it stop. I did everything i have did before i tested the probe and it was Open. thinking the bit may of been dirty i cleaned it and it still did the same, i even went as far as triing a new bit and it still did the same. Any help would be greatful. Also i have never zerod the z without a z probe if i was to manually do it is there any setting i would need to change. Like when it hits the probe and its working correctly it retracts. If i was to manully zero it what would i do next? Thank you for all the help.

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Re: Z Probe problems

Postby Picengraver » Thu Nov 19, 2020 5:06 am

On PicSender's 'Probe' screen, there is a probe test feature.
1 - Click the 'Probe Screen' button on PicSender's main screen to open the Probe screen.
2 - Touch the ground clip of your probe cable to the Z probe plate.
3 - Click and hold down your mouse button on 'Test' button under the red 'Z-' arrow.
If your probe wiring is good, the 'Test' button will read "Closed". If the wiring is bad, the button will read "Open".

If you have NOT been using PicSender's probing function, then make sure all the probe screen's 'Setup Values' have the values in them as shown below.
1 - Click the green 'X+' arrow to start the X axis moving to the right.
2 - While the X axis is slowly moving right, manually touch the probe ground clip to the probe plate.
3 - The X axis should stop moving and retract back to the left.

If your testing as above fails, then a bad or broken probe wiring is the most likely cause of your problem.

There are no user settings in grbl to set or change for probing to work. There is only a setting ($6) to reverse probe action from an Open connection to a Closed connection. Your setting should be $6=0 as far as I know for an initial Open connection. I do not have an XController to test with here.

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